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How often does one have the opportunity to become partners with the creator of the universe?

From Harav Eliezer BenDavid’s ZT”L genuine affection for the Jewish nation, his devotion to Hashem and his kinship to the Persian Sefardic community, Kollel Ohr Haemet of Great Neck was founded twenty five years ago to create a thriving Jewish community by aiming to serve Jews of every background with leadership they can count on and guidance in every aspect of Jewish life.

With Rabbi and Rebbitzen Shaliehsaboo at the helm, the Kollel’s impact over the past two decades has been astounding. Kollel’s finger has been on the pulse of the community. The Kollel services the community with marriage and family counseling, Hashkafic and Halachic advice, Taharat HaMishpacha, a place that everyone can learn and find guidance on any topic. And Rabbanim who have been trained to be leaders of their own for our community. All this, accomplished in a modest location. Although we are proud of our growth and reach, we are nevertheless confined by our physical shell that is our current location.

Now, upon the first Yahrzeit of HaRav Eliezer Ben-David ZT”L, we aspire to illuminate his legacy by bringing to life his vision for the Kollel and to enhance Jewish life in Great Neck more than ever. Four years ago the Rav introduced his vision of a new grand building to enhance our ability to serve the community better. With the proper building to house all the classes, shiurim and programs our intention is to accomplish even greater goals for the community and expand our services. Since then, we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes with attorneys, architects and the village to bring his dream to life.

We implore you to help us on our initial attempt to raise the first 15% of the total funds necessary to catapult us to the next level of conception of Rav BenDavids dream for Great Neck. As the Rav used to say, “Those who cling to Hashem, become eternal” as they become a part of Hashem.

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